Find Your Streetball Community


Recreation Centers Are Not Always the Best Choice

The best way to look for places where to play street basketball is to go online and do some research. I remember it took me a while before I found a team that would match to my skill level and height. The first thing I did was that I searched for places where I could apply my skills. I first started playing in  nearby  recreation centers. That was  for a year only because I could not find any group that would be  into street basketball.  This experience, however, was not the greatest one. They were much taller than and very rough. In addition to this, every time I did one of my “crazy” moves, they would consider it as breaking the rules. I was very disappointed.

Find a Place Where You Get Accepted

It took me a while before I found my ideal  group.  Luckily, I came across the streetball  community in my church and I am really happy there. The guys are the perfect match for me. Most of them are my height and size.  In addition, they all know about streetball. My co-players are open to any “Hot Sauce” moves that look good and they get pretty excited about them as well. Many times, I hear them shout out: “Wow! That was a great move! AND1!” (which basically means that you not only got past your opponent by applying one of your freestyle skills but you also managed to score).

Try Kitsilano Beach Park

For those, who still do not have a good luck at finding an ideal streetball group and live in Vancouver area, I strongly recommend the outdoor basketball courts at Kitsilano Beach Park.  There are lot of streetballers hat come there to practice their drills. The most important about this outdoor park is that the players accept you the way you are. After all, it is all about having fun.



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