Streetball Music

Adam Keeps It “Old School”

Every Sunday, I play street basketball in a church gym with my friends. Everybody tries to get there for 3.00pm, except for our friend Adam. He is always 15 minutes late, however, we do not mind.  Adam is the only one who knows how to operate the old church stereo player. We all look forward to his arrival for without him, there is no music for our Sunday activity. Our friend  brings Hip-Hop/Rap and Rnb songs of the 90s and we all love his tracks. Their rhythm and lyrics simply synchronize with our movements.

Go For the 90s Songs

In comparison to the “new school”, which artists focus mainly on making music for clubbing,  the music of the 90s still has its soul. You can listen to it while you play basketball, drive your car or relax at home.  Most of them are about love, relationships, and obstacles in life. If you never came across  any “old school” Hip-Hop songs, simply go on YouTube and search for them. I can guarantee you will fall in love with them right away.

The Best Tracks For Your Game

Some of my favorite tracks that you should definitely include on your list when you play street basketball next time are:

1.Snoop Dogg – Who am I 


2. 2PAC – California Love


3. Naughty by Nature – Hip Hop Hooray

hqdefault (1).jpg

4. Warren G feat. Nate Dogg – Regulate


5. Kriss Kross – Jump


6. House of Pain – Jump Around

7.Notorious B.I.G – Juicy

8. Ini Kamoze – Here Comes the Hotstepper

9. Luniz – I got 5 on it

10. Dr. Dre – Ring Ding Dong, Still D.R.E feat. Snoop Dogg.


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