Keep It Vintage



Contemporary  Fashion vs. the 90s Fashion Styles

I  spent most of my teenage years in  the 90s and early 20s. This was also the era when I was being most active as a streetballer. Everything was great back then  from music to fashion, TV shows, and movies. I do not care that much about the hip-hop fashion of these days, simply because it is different from what I am  used to.

In 2016, people dedicated to basketball follow  different fashion trends. Except for holding a ball in their hands, they usually go for joggers/skinny jeans, a hoodie, a snapback  hat with their favorite team on and some expensive Nike or Jordan shoes. Obviously, I cannot blame them. They all follow what they see  in YouTube videos or on MTV.

The vintage fashion of the 90s really works for me, and the others. Sometimes, people in a mall or in the streets approach me  and make comments about what I am wearing: “Hey nice kicks. Are they Air Force I ? Where did you get them?”, or “I love your hat, that`s a sick throwback” or “Hey! You have a cool T-shirt on”.

What To Wear?

Consider these “back to school” style choices when you go out and maybe next time, it might be you who will stand out from the crowd and gets such compliments:

1.Baggy jeans or sweatpants with side pockets.



2. A Hoodie with an interesting print, preferably a cartoon character like a Mickey Mouse, Pink Panther, Bugs Bunny or a Bulldog.

Lil Romeo

3. A headband, if you not wearing a fitted hat on. You can also put the sweatband or a colored  bandana under the hat which will look even cooler.

4. A New Era fitted throwback hat. Yes, they still make them and you can browse through many styles on  Hatland website.


5. Jordan or  Nike Air Force sneakers/Timberland shoes (for the colder season).

6. Hare Jordan Space Jam T-shirtMichael Jordan and Bugs Bunny are two great icons. You simply cannot go wrong with this combination.


7. An NBA/NFL/MLB jersey on the top of the  T-shirt or a  hoodie ( Westcoast style).


8. Varsity/Baseball jacket – with some team logo or labels on it.






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