Dress Up For the Game



What To Put On?

When it comes to a choice of what to wear on the court, you should think of a comfortable outfit that looks good on you.  The only other thing you have to keep in mind is that it should not be tight  but loose so that  you can move around easily while you playing. If you want to dress up like a streetballer and look “cool” at the same time during your game, make sure you wear:

1. A nice pair of J`s (Jordan shoes). I strongly recommend this brand. The shoes are not only stylish but also of a great quality. They have a better ankle support than most of the Nike/Adidas sneakers that you can find in the stores today. J`s are expensive, yet once you buy them you can have them for at least 3-4 years. You can get a pair online  or at your local  Footlocker and Champs stores.


2.  An NBA  jersey (on the top of  a plain white T-shirt). You have lot colors  and teams to choose from. I personally prefer to wear the  Raptors jersey because  I like the logo  and since I am a resident of Canada, I have to support the only NBA team that this country has. My old time favorite, though, is the Michael Jordan`s vintage jersey. Because it comes from the 90s, you will not find it in the stores today and plus it is quite expensive. For this reason,  look for it online  on eBay or buy a replica directly from a Chinese factory on Vipjerseyssales (costs around 20 USD).


3. Jordan/Under Armour or Nike  Dry-Fit shorts. They are  made of   special materials that absorb your sweat so that you feel dry during the game. Pick a universal color like black or white that matches to most of shoes and jerseys.

4. A headband. The best quality headbands are by Jordan and Under Armour.  Again, consider the color choice that would match to your entire outfit.




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