Be the King Of the Court


Philip Champion as “Hot Sauce”

AND1 Streetball Moves

In my next blog, you can learn how to make some amazing streetball moves. They  were first introduced by a group of AND1 streetball players such as Hot Sauce, Professor or Silk. To acquire  them requires some time and practice, however, once you master them, they will help you

  • improve your game
  • look “fresh” among other players
  • gain more respect
  • go beyond your fundamental skills and get more creative.

The Hurricane

This is the easiest and the most popular move in  streetball. It was originally created by Hot Sauce.  You can watch the  tutorial by Snake who will show you  how to practice it.

Slip and Slide

One of the coolest moves that you can also pick  up with ease. All you have to do is to follow these two simple  steps:

  1. Between the legs, step left, drop knee
  2. Spin sitting, hold the floor, recover dribble.

You can check the move in the video by Nino Venture, the Asian freestyle champ.

Shammgod Crossover

This type of streetball move  was introduced during NBA games. You could have probably seen it perform by  Kyrie Irving or Chris Paul. Check the tutorial by Get Handles Basketball who will guide you step by step  how to do this awesome ankle breaker.


Another great move that looks like a “fake throw”. The advantage of this skill is that the opponent  has no idea that you are actually not shooting but passing the ball back to you.  It requires   flipping off your wrist while holding the ball and spinning it at the same time towards you. Watch the Snake`s video who will show you what Boomerang looks like in a game and how to learn it.

The above-mentioned  moves are just a fragment of what you as a streetball player can do.  To get some more inspiration, visit AND1 Streetball Moves where the professional streetball players will show you what other tricks you can do with the ball. And remember you do not have to always follow what you see on your screens. Create your own moves and own the game.


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