About Me


How It All Started

My name is Silvia and  I have been playing street basketball since I was in elementary school. It all began in 1992 on an old school playground where my brother and I used to hang out. As any other kids, I would go there to meet my friends to play a game of tag or ride my BMX bike. I never paid  much attention to what my brother was doing there. The only thing I knew was that he and his friends were too much into street basketball. One day, as he was shooting some hoops with his friends, the ball bounced off the court. I was having a break  and sitting on the grass across the court when the ball began to roll towards me. I tried to pass the ball back to  the group, when one of the boys said: “Why don`t `ya join us, we need one more player”. I had no idea how to play but because I did not want to let  my brother down, I stepped up. The guys were all much older and bigger than me, yet I enjoyed playing with them for they would always encourage me no matter what.  That day, I fell  in love with the game.

 Streetball Tournaments

As the time went by, I got better and better. Later on, I found my own group and attended local streetball tournaments.  I remember that a DJ would usually play  RnB or Hip Hop music while the teams were playing.  Warren G, Naughty by Nature,  Jay-Z, and Snoop Dogg  were among the most popular artists. The beat of their songs and their lyrics were just a perfect fit for events like this.

Why Should You Read My Blog?

Apart from the traditional game of basketball, streetball (3 on 3) is not rigid. You have to be more creative and you are allowed to break the rules as long as the moves you make look good.  I am simply passionate about  this sport and  love everything that is connected to it such as fashion and music. If you are just like me, then you should definitely read my next posts. In my blog, you will find out

  • how to pick up some “mad” streetball skills
  • what outfit you should  go for to look “fresh” on and off the court
  • what list of songs are the best  for your game
  • where to look for a streetball community.

And remember, streetball is not just a game, it is a lifestyle.